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Wednesday, February 4th, 2009
4:05 pm
Hello Community
Sadly, this comm doesn't seem too active. Well, I'll share my experiences here in the hopes that it does get more active.

Background: What I'm trying to follow is a generic "raw food" diet - not B.A.R.F., but not organic, premium-cut meats, nor whole carcasses either. I don't have a large budget to work with - I can't even feed myself organic foods - but I do care enough about my dog's health to not feed her cheap kibble. I did do a lot of research on the various diets out there for both dogs AND cats before forging into raw feeding, pretty much on my own. I live in Germany. My dog is a 3-month old Schipperke puppy, and she's the first dog I've ever owned in my life. Since we just got her last Sunday (1 Feb 2009), I guess I have the opportunity to record my experiences with the raw diet. I'll do so as often as I can, under a cut each time, unless other people DON'T want that to happen in this comm. :-)

So, the first few days...Collapse )
Monday, July 2nd, 2007
2:05 am
My Philosophy on Raw Feeding
- I think there's more than one way to do raw.

- I think that feeding a prepared or even cooked diet does not mean that you don't love your pets.

- I think we should all try to do the best we can do for them.

- I don't think that occasionally feeding a commercial prepared, non-raw food is bad for the pets. (I keep prepared commercial foods on hand for my pets in case I need to feed them in a hurry or unexpectedly run out of raw food.)

These are, essentially, the ideas upon which I founded this forum.
Tuesday, June 12th, 2007
12:19 pm
Dog resources?
Not having a dog, I've never really looked into online resources for feeding dogs raw. Can y'all suggest some links?

Also, I have added some information to the user info, including a disclaimer. Please read it, there will be a quiz :)
5:09 am
Resources for Feeding a Raw Diet to Cats

Cat Nutrition Information
  • Dr. Lisa Pierson's Feline Nutrition Page: Dr. Pierson is a veterinarian who feeds her cats a raw diet. Her page includes lots of cat nutrition information, as well as a recipe for raw cat food and tips for transitioning your cat to raw.
  • CatNutrition.org- a site by a laywoman which features information about cat nutrition, discussion of some prepared raw diets, as well as a cat food recipe.

  • http://www.catinfo.org/makingcatfood.htm -Dr. Lisa Pierson's cat food recipe.
  • http://www.catnutrition.org/recipes.html - Anne's cat food recipes. Be sure to check her tips page as well.

    Commercial Prepared Raw Diets
  • Bravo! Raw Diets: Maker of frozen raw foods for cats and dogs. They make a raw, frozen diet for cats and dogs (complete with muscle meat, bones, organs, and vegetables) and also sell packaged frozen ingredients for consumers to use in formulating their own diet. Additional organs may be necessary to supplement this diet.

  • Nature's Variety: Maker of various meat-based foods for cats and dogs, including a kibble (not recommended here, as it contains rice) grain-free canned food, raw frozen diets, and raw freeze-dried diets. NV frozen raw diets contain some questionable additives, like montmorillonite clay, which can be irritating to some pets, so proceed with caution. Additional organs may be necessary to supplement this diet.

  • Oma's Pride: Maker of frozen raw diets and ingredients for cats and dogs. They also sell their own line of supplements. If you have more information on this brand please leave a comment.

  • Raw Advantage: Maker of raw frozen diets for dogs and cats. Their "raw" frozen diets contain cooked grains, so proceed with caution. If you have more information on this brand please leave a comment.

    More brands coming!
  • Saturday, June 9th, 2007
    11:33 pm
    The melamine isn't just coming from China... at least one US firm was using it too.
    Melamine Linked to U.S. Firm

    text of article behind cutCollapse )

    Pretty scary. Two different U.S. feed additive manufacturers have adulterated their products with melamine, and now it's throughout the food chain.
    11:21 pm
    The Commercial Pet Food Scare Expands
    Lab finds pet food contaminated with acetaminophen

    text of article behind cutCollapse )

    Acetaminophen is the active ingredient in Tylenol. It is metabolized through the liver and can kill pets, especially cats. Cyanuric acid combines with other chemicals, like melamine, to form crystals in the kidneys that lead to renal failure.

    Current Mood: concerned
    10:55 pm
    Hi, welcome to rawpets. I created this community to be a place for discussion of raw/whole food diets for pets of all sorts.

    I became interested in raw feeding a few years ago when I got a cat and started researching the best ways to feed her. We transitioned her to raw and it really changed her life- she loved it and her health improved. Unfortunately, she died of cancer last fall. We recently adopted a new cat and are beginning her transition.

    I also have a boa constrictor who has always been raw fed (she currently eats jumbo rats) as well as two turtles and six degus. The turtles and degus are fed a combination of raw and prepared foods. My box turtle is almost all raw (I keep prepared food around for emergencies) and the aquatic turtle is on his way to raw. My degus will probably never go completely raw, as their natural diet would be difficult to duplicate, but I intend to get them eating mostly raw this year.

    I would like this community to be a supportive place for people going raw, one that acknowledges that feeding a raw diet can be done in more than one particular way, and that we are all learning. I hope to find one or two more moderators to help keep things maintained.

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