Unrepentant Artfag (00goddess) wrote in rawpets,
Unrepentant Artfag


Hi, welcome to rawpets. I created this community to be a place for discussion of raw/whole food diets for pets of all sorts.

I became interested in raw feeding a few years ago when I got a cat and started researching the best ways to feed her. We transitioned her to raw and it really changed her life- she loved it and her health improved. Unfortunately, she died of cancer last fall. We recently adopted a new cat and are beginning her transition.

I also have a boa constrictor who has always been raw fed (she currently eats jumbo rats) as well as two turtles and six degus. The turtles and degus are fed a combination of raw and prepared foods. My box turtle is almost all raw (I keep prepared food around for emergencies) and the aquatic turtle is on his way to raw. My degus will probably never go completely raw, as their natural diet would be difficult to duplicate, but I intend to get them eating mostly raw this year.

I would like this community to be a supportive place for people going raw, one that acknowledges that feeding a raw diet can be done in more than one particular way, and that we are all learning. I hope to find one or two more moderators to help keep things maintained.

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