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The melamine isn't just coming from China... at least one US firm was using it too.

Melamine Linked to U.S. Firm

Associated Press

May 31 2007

WASHINGTON --The same industrial chemical that led to a massive pet food recall was used in animal feed ingredients made by a U.S. company, health officials said Wednesday.

The announcement by the Food and Drug Administration was the first indication that a U.S. company had used melamine in animal feed. Agency officials said that melamine and related compounds were used to bind feed for cattle, sheep and goats, or fish and shrimp. Previously, the problem of melamine in animal feed was thought to be contained to China, where it was added to wheat gluten.

Melamine is not approved as an additive for the feed. Its industrial uses include as a binding agent and flame retardant.

U.S. officials said the use of melamine in animal feed posed no threat to human health.

The FDA alerted feed manufacturers that ingredients containing melamine and related compounds were found in products made by Tembec BTLSR Inc.of Toledo, Ohio, and used by Uniscope Inc. of Johnstown, Colo.

Tembec makes two products, AquaBond and Aqua-Tec II, which it distributes for Uniscope. The products are used in fish feed.

Uniscope also makes a product for livestock feed called Xtra-Bond, and it uses ingredients produced by Tembec. The FDA advised feed manufacturers and others not to use the products and to contact the two manufacturers.

Pretty scary. Two different U.S. feed additive manufacturers have adulterated their products with melamine, and now it's throughout the food chain.
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